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Magister Manajemen, Pendidikan Pancasila Dan Kewarganegaraan, Manajemen

    This research was conducted based on the current rapid technological advancements and fierce business competition, which forcing companies to quickly adapt and to compete by implementing learning organization. This research employed a qualitative approach using Senge's Five Disciplines of Learning Organizationsand SWOT analysis to observe the company condition. In this research, 10 employees wereassigned as the key informants with predetermined criteria. It was found that the company has implemented Senge’s five pillars (shared vision, system thinking, mental model, team learning, and personal mastery). On the other hand, SWOT analysis revealed that (1) certified and experienced labors and superior SOP were required in learning organization application, (2) the quality and competitiveness were generally good, butit was necessary to provide advantages as a form of corporate responsibility, (3) learning organization was established by improving communication between management, employees, and consumers using Android for customersthe service availabilityIt can be concluded that thelearning organization application increased the company competitiveness and customer satisfaction level.